Euro Pallet

Includes mono colour printing on the side Size: 1200X800X150mm Weight:9.8kg Dynamic Loading Capacity: 0.8 Tons [...]

Plant Extraction System

Plant Extraction System Material : Polypropylene Project : Cyclone Particle Extraction System and Demister [...]

German and U.S. Car Makers

GERMAN AND U.S. CAR MANUFACTURERS Tanks manufactured and Installed by Graymaur and have been in [...]

Chemical Plant Material Handling and Design

CHEMICAL PLANT MATERIALS HANDLING AND DESIGN - R600 000 A large chemical processing plant approached [...]

Perspex Louvers

PERSPEX LOUVERS (EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION) This is a project we just completed at an educational institution [...]

Plant Extraction System

PLANT EXTRACTION SYSTEM - R3MIL Graymaur fabricated and installed the entire fume extraction system comprising [...]